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The Time is Now!

Alcohol consumers want your unique blend. You’re seeing the demand grow, which increases your need to find the right copacker in the right location to help you bottle, warehouse, ship and ultimately expand your brand.

And time is of the essence.

Maybe you’re just in the beginning stages. You have a recipe but just aren’t quite sure how to manufacture alcohol in mass quantities, what your logo ought to look like, or even the best bottle design for your spirits.

Regardless, Temperance Distilling has been in the alcohol industry since 1998 and intricately knows each detail of formulation, production, warehousing, shipping, TTB compliance, branding, and packaging design. We’ve even produced organic and Kosher certified spirits, so you’re covered there as well.

Now that you’re looking for a copacker, especially one with a logistical advantage in distribution, you need a proven company who is cost-effective, trustworthy, and has the experience you need to get you through each step. With Temperance Distilling, you’ve found the right place.

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  • After having met with almost every private label distillery in the country, it was clear that TDC was the right company to manufacture LIQS Cocktail Shots.

    Harley Bauer


    LIQS Cocktail Shot


  • Temperance Distilling has provided us with the ability to focus the

    majority of our efforts on sales and marketing, enabling us to avoid

    the day-to-day minutia that comes with compliance, logistics and

    production. Furthermore, by not having to build out and maintain

    our own production facility, we have saved a tremendous amount

    of capital that we’ve been able to deploy toward growing our


    Jason Monkarsh

    OM Spirits


  • TDC takes the worry out of the TTB approval process from

    formulation to labels to even state registrations. This allows us to

    focus on building the business and brand.

    Freya Estreller

    Ludlows Cocktail Co.


  • As one of the longest clients of TDC we have been able to grow our

    initial brand and have added two new brands, with solid results. I

    have found them to be nimble and collaborative in order to help us

    realize market opportunities in a timely fashion.

    Dave Racicot

    Thatcher’s Organic Spirits, Drinks Licensed Ventures and Brown Jug Spirits.

    thatchersorganic.com and brownjugspirits.com

  • We have been working with Temperance Distilling Company for

    many years now and are extremely impressed with the level of

    professionalism, attention to detail, and over all high level of

    service that we have received from them. We have used warehouse

    and bonding services all over the country and truly feel that

    Temperance is among the best and also offers fair pricing. We hope

    to maintain our relationship with them for many years to come.

    Terry N. Thome

    J.B. Thome & Co., Inc


  • Temperance Distilling Company is the ideal partner for a Sales and

    Marketing Company who needs to outsource production. From

    Procurement to Quality Control, TDC has the right resources to get

    it done. They are professional and take pride in every product that

    they produce, from their own brands to client owned brands. We

    could not have achieved such a high level of quality, cost

    efficiencies, and on time Supply Chain management without them.

    Kelly Cox

    Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits


  • Since the beginning of our relationship, Temperance Distilling has been instrumental to Momenti’s supply chain success. From providing us timely samples, to customizing formulas, and even helping us to navigate the technical and regulatory challenges presented by the TTB formulation process. We visited their offices earlier this year and found that not only do they have a tremendous amount of experience with RTD and mixed drink products, but their facilities offer a lot of flexibility in terms of sourcing, development, and packaging.

    Leif Pearson

    Momenti Spirited Ice Creams