Our Story

The word temperance means “total abstinence from all alcholic liquors.” Our company is located in Temperance, MI. Our name is Temperance Distilling Company.


A bit. Especially when you go way back to the late 18oo’s and the Women’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU). This organization was founded by women who were concerned with “the destructive power of alcohol” and the detrimental affects they believed it was having on families and their communities.

They marched into saloons, a place they were forbidden from entering, and dropped to their knees and prayed. They demanded that owners close their businesses. And that was just the start.
As the organization grew like wildfire across the country, so did the message to prohibit the manufacture, sale, and transport of all alcohol. By 1919 Prohibition became law, and it was largely attributed to the efforts of the WCTU.

In fact, the land where we now sit had once been under a 99 year restriction for selling alcohol. So, yes, it’s a bit ironic that Temperance Distilling has seen such success since it first opened in 1998.

Beginning with just one client and a simple production line, we quickly evolved into a full service turnkey operation handling everything from formulation, branding,  package design, and production,  to warehousing, shipping, and compliance. By 2010 we were excited to move into a 65,000 square foot facility enabling us to further expand our production capabilities as well as our warehousing service.

And we selected a building that was designed with expansion in mind; so we’ll be ready when the time comes for us again!

Today we have over 60 clients producing more than 100 unique beverages for all different markets, demands, tastes, and locations. Pretty much the furthest thing from total abstinence.

We’d like to add your story to ours. Please contact us when you’re ready!